May 25, 2022

Web-Based Ground Station Application

The ground station is an integral part of the aerospace industry and its role in flight operations is very important. With the development of the aerospace industry and the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles, the need for a ground station has become more apparent. The ground station will be a tool for displaying flyer information to the observer as well as sending some data to it. The ground stations that have been used so far have limitations such as dependence on the operating system, which makes it difficult to guide and navigate the drones during the restart period of the operating system if the operating system freezes. To address these shortcomings, implementing a web-based ground station would be a viable option.

During this project, by studying and examining the different parts of the existing ground stations and recognizing the data required to monitor a flight operation, a suitable user interface including maps, indicators and etc. has been designed. In the next step, the design is implemented with web-based programming languages, as well as an interface microcomputer or a computer has been set up as a server. Written code uploaded on mentioned computer. On the other hand, the web server is connected to the flying computer by the interface board and radio communication modules and receives flight information synchronously. In other words, the computer becomes a ground station. By creating a network connected to the server by installing and configuring the router, several computers can be connected to the local network and activated as a ground station. It should be noted that with the implementation of the websocket protocol, the flyer and ground station data are transmitted to each other in real time.